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about Run 3 Unblocked

Run Forest, Run... Oh excuse me, I thought it was, you know, that famous movie where guy dashes across whole U.S.. By the way, as soon as you hit the play button, you will not see much difference. Run 3 unblocked is just as popular as this movie with around 400 thousand people playing it. As to dissimilarity, only human is replaced by the alien and USA - by the Galaxy. Idea is the same - Run till the end and avoid any obstacles that occur on your way. Enough cheap talk, let's move on to the main point.

Run 3 Gameplay

run 3 unblocked After the game boots up, your only option is to click on "Play". As soon as it starts, your character runs into the very first barrier which stops him. There is a warning saying that the area he is is moving towards, is restricted and he should turn around. It is time for you to decide: press up arrow key (alternatively space bar) and jump over the obstacle and carry on your journey? or obey the warning and quit game. You have to be 110 per cent pessimist to give up at that point, but we are not talking about them right now.

After you make your first jump, you enter level 1 which will soon teach you the basis of the game. Spring, move left and right to avoid black holes on the surface if you do not want to go on a free flight through the space. Just try to stay on your feet and get to the next stage. Run 3 Unblocked looks like endless, because after completing one level you do not get back to main menu and enter the next one, but dash straight into it. Do not worry, there is some kind of 2 second cooldown between levels - the area with no holes where you can quickly relax after very stressful journey. In case you are wondering what happens if you somehow fall into the gap, I will say that nothing horrible. You will continue from the same stage.

Unlockable content

Upon reaching level 10, infinity mode unlocks. Here you sprint as far as you can to get higher score. With this mode new character becomes available for you, as well. You can unlock more by spending in-game currency - Power cells, or by reaching particular levels. These cells are earned by completing achievements or collecting them in infinite mode. All characters have their unique power which can be useful in certain levels, so choose wisely, develop the optimal strategy and beat the game.

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Personally my skills were enough to reach level 42, but I really want to know your result, so do not be shy and tell us about it in the comment section below.


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