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You are playing Shell Shock Live 2

A little introduction

There are many things in this world that never get old. Safe to say that this type of games are of them. Judge yourself: When I got my first PC in 2004, my friends recommended some flash game websites. As soon as I opened them, 5 hour play marathon began. It was hard to leave PC, especially for a kid, when so many cool games were right in front you, just one click away. But my gaming experience got a new turn when one day I discovered a game where you should shoot or throw different objects across the whole map and hit the opponent. After that, such games became my beloved ones. Even today, after more than a decade I can not resist. You might think that this is some kind of addiction and it is not normal anymore. Well, perhaps you are right, but do not worry about me. Alright, our introduction got a bit too long, let’s get back to our game.

About Shell Shock Live 2

As I already mentioned, your aim is to defeat your enemies by shooting them crosswise the map. You are an artillerist who can control the tank in many ways: Move left or right, aim higher or lower, increase or decrease shell velocity, change types of shells.
Before jumping into your tank, you should log in or register. This is done in order to allow players choose their desired usernames and keep them forever. Also there will not be rounds where 2 players have the same nickname. Very convenient, right? Say thanks to dear developers for this.
At first launch, game offers you to go to firing range where you will learn about key bindings ( I will write about them later) and get some practice in shooting. When you are done, press on “leave” and return to main menu. Here are some other sub-menus which might interest you, but we will leave them for you, meanwhile let’s click on big “Play” button. You jump into the lobby where you can quickly join a random game using “Quickjoin” option in top right corner. If you exactly know what you want, use filters and find a perfect room for you. Otherwise, create the room yourself and be the boss. Another cool feature is private rooms: just create it tell your friends you want to play with, the unique code.


If while in the lobby you press “Upgrades”, “change tank”, “items” or “progress”, a window will appear where you can visit shop and buy different weapons, maps, perks, tanks or items using “Tank Coins”. Here you can also view your progress and things you bought. There is an option to upgrade owned tanks by spending “tank rims”. So now you see that Shell Shock Live 2 is very variational. Many people say that it is a big plus for each game.
Hope I did not miss anything important, but anyway, let’s see what happens when the round starts. Each player has 10 seconds to move around. Then another 40 seconds to aim and choose the shell type however, if everyone is ready, tanks will fire earlier. Every single shell is different so move the cursor to each one of them to read what it does, because not all of them cause damage. Game ends when all the vehicles from one team are destoyed or if you reached the turn limit. Afterwards, you receive Xp for various things you had done.

Thought I forgot about the key bindings? Not this time. Here they are:
Move: A and D
Aim: Left and Right arrow keys.
Regulate power: Up and Down arrow keys
Shoot: Spacebar or click “Fire” button on the bottom of the screen
Alternatively press LMB and move mouse for aiming and adjusting power.