Short Life | Short Life Unblocked Online For Free

Short Life is a game full of dangers and obstacles. There’s no doubt that there are a lot of interesting levels and dangers to escape from. You can enjoy the short life unblocked game at school online for free on this website. It was developed by Game Tornado studio.

You’ll be provided a character which needs to bypass all the obstacles such as mines, spikes, crushers, traps etc. Short Life is full of blood and disturbing graphics, hence weak hearted people shouldn’t play it at all. There’s no doubt that you’ll appreciate playing mutilate a doll if you enjoyed this game. Android users can enjoy it on their devices as it’s available on Play Store.

Gameplay Of Short Life

Interesting, bloody, not for faint heart people. This is what describes this game in better words. Most people would think that it’s easy to complete all the levels. But that’s not true, ragdoll gaming series is way tough as characters of the game are easily destroyed by the obstacles.

 In fact, some levels are full of puzzles and it takes time to find the correct way to reach the finish point. Timing is what you need to master in the short life unblocked game. That’s because of some traps, causing unimaginable harm, such as crushers, mines etc. works on a timing basis. You’ll be given a short amount of time to bypass them.

Levels In This Game

This is the most interesting thing about this game. There are 16 levels to play in the online version and around 40 levels in Android game. In future updates, more levels might be added into the game. We’ve added the game to our website from the official source. So, all the updates will be automatically loaded once you start the game. The more levels you unlock, the more characters in the game will be unlocked.

Higher levels are long and have a lot of dangerous objects in the maps. Developers have designed the game in such a way that gamers won’t be able to complete all the levels with ease. That’s why we’re suggesting you to use all the tactics you can to bypass different obstacles in this game.

Developers have decided game name as short life because they’re clever enough to know that most people will die in a short amount of time in the game. The character body is shattered into pieces and it’s difficult and sad for us to watch the scattered body parts.

Heroes To Unlock

All the levels contain 3 stars which need to be collected by a gamer. More star unlocks your ability to use different heroes available in the game. There’s no doubt that it’s way difficult to collect stars while going through the obstacles. We can earn 3 stars by collecting them in the way. Very first Hero costs 8 stars, ranging up to 40 stars. There’s no special ability of heroes, but they do have different walking ways, sound effects etc.

short life unblocked

Here are all the heroes with a brief description:

1. Beared Man In Shorts:

Beared man is unlocked by default. He’s wearing a white vest with red shorts. Thick hair and mustache give him a unique look. You’re gonna love this mas as he’s capable of moving fast and his slim body allows gamers to control him in best possible way. He moves exceptionally faster and is a default hero in short life game.

2. Black Suite Man

Black suite man appears to be a businessman. He’s having harsh looks and wearing a black formal suit and has bald hair. There are dark circles under his eyes and it appears that he’s hard-working office man. It needs 8 stars to unlock the businessman and he can move quite fast because of slim body shape.

3. Heavy Man

Wearing a Red shirt & black pant and having a big tummy gives him a look of the heavy man. He can’t move fast and it’ll be hard enough for you to complete the levels. We’ve played several levels using him and we should say that it was an interesting and crazy experience. It’s very funny to move this heavy man throughout the levels.

4. Bold Women

White top, blue jeans, and bold body give her a very interesting and good look. I know most gamers would love to play the levels using her. That’s why she costs 24 stars. She can move quite faster and her slim body allows us to bypass different obstacles with ease. I should say that she really looks a very interesting woman.

5. Cop

There’s a middle-aged man in the Heroes list, wearing a cop dress. He’s wearing black sunglasses, which gives him desperate looks. The slim and flexible body makes it easier to jump over the mines and to cross the narrow places. One should have 32 stars to unlock the cop.

6. Fat Women

Fat Wome looks very heavy yet an interesting hero in Short Life unblocked game. She’s having a very big tummy and it’s quite difficult for us to escape from narrow places using her. But, you should unlock her by collecting 40 stars.

How To Play Short Life Unblocked

Enjoy short life at school by playing its unblocked version on this website. Here are a few tips to play the game nicely:

  • Use the Left and Right arrow to move the Hero backward and forward respectively.
  • Make sure to lie down to escape from narrow places using the Down arrow key.
  • Use Up arrow to jump over the mines and spikes etc.
  • Click on the Restart button to start afresh.
  • Control the sound from Settings.


Short Life unblocked is rated 16+ because it’s full of blood. Almost all the ragdoll game series is full of such disturbing graphics. Hence, you shouldn’t play this game if you’re a saint hearted person or child. The game is itself very interesting because of different traps and heroes developed by the developers.

Share this game with your friends in the classroom and let them know about the interesting facts of this game. Bookmark our site as we’re continuously adding new and interesting games to this website.