Super Mario Crossover 4 Unblocked Game Online Free

Super Mario Crossover 4 is Mario Game which is built for Mario games lovers. It’s free to play, and you can enjoy it for free exclusively on this website. It was compiled into Flash format by Exploding Rabbit, and now we can play it using web browsers. If you’ve played Mario games before, you better know how good they were at that time. Play super Mario crossover 4 unblocked at school for free.

Gamers have to pass different obstacles and objects which they’ll face during the gameplay. Sound effects, easy to use controls and good graphics are some of its highlights. I’ve been able to pass out some levels in one go, but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to play. Gamer probably needs to perform hardcore tasks to pass some maps.

Features of Super Mario Crossover 4

  • 6 Characters available in the game.
  • Original sound effects.
  • Easy to understand controls.
  • Good graphics.
  • Original maps and obstacles.
  • Customize games from settings.
  • Pass 8 Levels to win the game.
  • Interesting levels and characters.

How To Play Super Mario Crossover 4 Unblocked

Click on the Play Now button, allow the Flash Player and the game will start loading. After loading, the game will start, use Z key to choose from the available options.

super mario crossover 4 unblocked

Make sure to choose the Map, Character, Hardness Level. Customize the game as per your needs before starting the gameplay. It’ll increase your gaming experience. Super Mario Crossover allows us to control many things in the game.

Mario, Simon, Samus, Link, Megaman, and Bill R are the characters to choose from. All of them do have special abilities. All those characters have different looks and sound effects. So, choose wisely and play using a favorite avatar.

Controls Of The Game

  • Z to select the option.
  • Press X to fire the throwables.
  • Right key to move forward.
  • Up key to Jump.
  • Down key to crouch.
  • Left key to move backward.

These are the most common controls needed by the player. Remind them and enjoy Mario gameplay.

Gameplay Of Super Mario Crossover 4

The gameplay of this game reminds me of the classic and original Mario game series. There are no significant changes, few characters are added, and we can now play it using our browsers. Three lives are credited in one match, losing them all will result in a failed mission.

Obstacles are the same as we’ve seen in a classic Mario game. Crush them to destroy and earn some free points. But, be careful as they can hurt your life. Gently suppress them by jumping on their top.

Some shapes are very tall to jump over. To cross them, sprint for a few distances and press Up key to jump gently over such tall obstacles. The player should learn to keep a balance between sprinting and jumping to master the gameplay.


Super Mario Crossover 4 unblocked is a good and interesting game. There’s no doubt that it’ll refresh your old memories of Mario games series. Developers have designed it to meet the current gaming standards and to give the old masterpiece back to the people.

Share the game with your friends and they’ll thank you a lot. Live chat with other players, press Ctrl+D to bookmark our website to visit back again.