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Superfighters is one of the most played flash games. It was released back in 2010 by MythoLogic Interactive and can be played using Adobe Flash player. As of now, the game is free to play and they’ve developed Superfighters Delux which is available on steam. But here, you’ll be able to play Superfighters unblocked game. Those who’re looking for old shooting games should play this game.

It’s based on Platform game, where the player controlled character needs to climb through specific platforms. In most games, when a gamer completes all the tasks in a platform, and move towards the next one, the Next Level will start automatically.

The 2nd part of this game available for free. It’s called Superfighters 2 Ultimate and you can play this game for free on our website. There are many add-ons added by the developers to make it interesting and full of adventures. Graphics of the game is like Super Mario.

Gameplay Of Superfighters Unblocked

The single and multiplayer feature is supported by the game. In the single player, deadly computers, marked as (COM) will follow you throughout the map and it’s pretty much hard to turn them into dust. The platform design is also designed to increase the overall difficulty level.

Deadly objects and obstacles are also placed on the map. Such as drums full of explosives, if COM shoots them you’re close to those explosives, you’ll probably lose your life. So, play smartly and safely otherwise it’s not possible to clear all the levels.

superfighters unblocked

VS Mode: VS Model allows gamers to compete with as many opponents he/she wants to. 7 enemies are sent by default but in settings, you can increase the number, and to enjoy the unlimited number of fights, feel free to enjoy the unlimited mode.

Stage Mode: Stage Mode is like completing the levels. Once you complete one level, you’ll be promoted towards the next one. We can say that the Stage Mode is pretty difficult to play and different obstacles and powerful enemies are added into the map. Which makes it difficult for us to compete with them.

Survival Mode: Survival mode is the most difficult mode in Superfighters. You probably need to use all of your techniques to compete with enemies. Use survival skills and win over enemies.

How To Play Superfighters Unblocked

Here are the basic things you need to know about Superfighters to get started with the game:

  • Warm Up: Use Left and Right directions to move.
  • Jumping and Crouching: Pressing Key Up and then Down key will crouch the character. It’s useful when saving the player from harmful gunshots.
  • Rolling: To roll the character, first run towards any direction and then press Down key and character will roll for a few distances. It’s very useful when pushing towards the enemy.
  • Sprinting: Sprinting plays a vital role when fighting with enemies. When you want to run away from the shooters or want to jump over big space, sprinting is going to be very helpful for you. In the game, press Left or Right key two times to run faster.
  • Diving: While sprinting, you might want to dive, e.g lie down on the ground or dive under the water, to do so, sprint and press down key. The character will dive and it’ll protect him from most threats such as from shooters, spikes etc.
  • Boxing Combat: If you’re unarmed and want to win over the enemy, boxing will be your very first choice instead of running and finding a weapon. In the game, press N key to start boxing fighting.
  • Picking Up Weapons: To pick weapons, get close to the weapons. When you kill an enemy, his/her weapon will be highlighted in the air, get close to that and your character will auto pick that weapon.
  • Shooting: Once you have a gun, press and hold M key, then use Up and Down key to aim it, release the M key to shoot the bullet. If you don’t want to shoot, press N key and character will return to Boxing mode.
  • Replacing The Gun: Move close to the weapon, then press down key to crouch, and press N key to replace it with your weapon.
  • Throwing Grenades: Press , (comma) key and then aim using Up and Down key, release the comma key to throw the grenade.


Tips and Tricks

Before playing the game, I would like to give you some of the tips and tricks which are very useful. If you follow all of those, you’ll complete the levels in a short time with ease.

  • Frequently press M key to shoot rapidly.
  • Crouch the character to save yourself from missiles thrown by the enemies.
  • Make sure to get cover from objects available on the map.
  • Shoot explosives nearby the enemies to give them big damage.
  • Sprint to run away from the critical situation.


Superfighters is a very interesting game. Once you understand all the levels, you’re ready to fight with the enemies. Make sure to enter the tutorial mode and game will give you all the basic tips in a practical way. However, I’ve given all the basic information above in the article, but it’s also recommended to enter the Tutorial mode to practically learn all the controls and understand the gameplay.

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